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Hotel Favor Park

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Hotel Favor Park

Planning period



135000 m²


  • Water quality
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating

Water quality

The hotel is designed and operated to ensure very high quality drinking water. Due to the continuous maintenance of drinking water quality, flood water treatment has been ensured. The system is disinfected and purified, this is confirmed and analyzed by quality certificates before the opening of the hotel. The water quality complies with the German standards: DIN 2000, the German Drinking Water Act.
Water supply pipes made of Geberit stainless steel and universal Rehau Rautitan Flex according to DIN 1988.


All rooms have a ventilation system. All air conditioners have double filtration EU3 + EU7 to protect against polluted air to use additional equipment (activated carbon filter near the airport).

Air conditioning

Use of a chiller fancoil system with a heat pump using glycol / water heat exchangers.


Fancoil system with combination of radiators and floor heating.

Electrical installations of entire building