We are here for you when…


… you long for a cozy home.

A sure hand is always at your side and accompanies you from your ideas to reality. Do not hesitate towards your dream, but take a step towards it. Contact us.


…you want to renovate and equip your apartment in a modern way.

Everyone definitely wants to spend time, sleep or even work in a home office in a fresh, modern and quality apartment. Why not give your apartment a chance – contact us for the viewing appointment today!


… you want to benefit from solar energy.

Our goal is to offer you a photovoltaic system that fully meets your needs. As part of our consultation, we perform a detailed calculation of your project, so you can get a good overview of the possible savings and make sure that the investment of a PV system is worth it for you.


…you want more functionality and energy efficiency in your home.

Providing heat, air, light and water – a residential building can only be functionally used with its building services and installations. Modern building technology can not only ensure function, but also provide considerable comfort – and work highly efficiently and thus energy- and cost-efficiently.

Betsa GmbH is your contact for building services in Munich – whether for a new building or as part of a renovation project, we ensure that the technical building equipment is perfectly adapted to your requirements and wishes.


…you or others should feel like in paradise in your garden.

Would you like us to create an outdoor area where you can feel comfortable and spend a relaxing time? To realize this, we realize your personal wishes of a perfect outdoor area. We offer complete solutions to meet your needs.

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