Building modernization


Main types of modernization works

Modernization of houses and apartments in Munich includes a series of measures aimed at updating and improving living spaces. These works not only increase comfort and aesthetics, but also contribute to increasing the energy efficiency and market value of the properties.

Improvement of living conditions in the process of modernizing apartments in Munich

Improving living conditions as part of the modernization of apartments in Munich is based on modern standards, which include requirements and expectations aimed at increasing comfort and safety for residents. In this process, special attention is paid to creating comfortable living, which includes ensuring heat through improved insulation and modern heating systems to maintain a comfortable room temperature all year round. Air quality is also improved through ventilation and air conditioning systems, contributing to a healthy indoor climate with fresh air circulation and humidity control. Sound insulation is achieved through the use of soundproofing materials and windows, which helps to minimize external noise and create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Energy efficiency in the modernization of houses and apartments

Energy efficiency is a key element in the modernization process of houses and apartments, especially in the context of sustainable development and reducing operating costs. The following work is required to achieve energy efficiency.

Improving building insulation:

  • Use of highly effective insulating materials in walls, roof and foundation of the building.
  • Use of modern insulation technologies to minimize heat losses.
  • Improved insulation helps maintain a stable internal temperature in the building, reducing the load on heating and cooling systems.
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Replacing windows for energy saving:

  • Installation of windows with double or triple glazing that provide better thermal insulation.
  • Use of high-quality frames with good insulating properties to prevent heat loss.
  • Energy-saving windows also improve sound insulation and increase overall living comfort.
Redesign of the rooms:

  • Change in spatial planning: Developing new spatial concepts for more effective use of space, which may include merging or dividing rooms, expanding living areas, changing the layout of the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Installation of partitions: use of lightweight structures to divide the space into functional areas.
  • Space optimization: creation of additional storage options, built-in wardrobes, custom-made furniture for efficient use of space.

Renovation and redesign in the modernization process of houses and apartments

Renovation and remodeling are important aspects of modernizing houses and apartments, aimed at updating the interior and optimizing space. This work includes the following key steps.

Interiors Update:

  • Wall renovation: Includes filling, painting or wallpapering. May also involve the installation of decorative panels or the use of special finishing materials for a unique design.
  • Floor renewal: replacing old coverings with new ones, including laminate, parquet, ceramic tiles or carpeting. Installation of underfloor heating for additional comfort.
  • Ceiling renovation: May include the installation of stretch or suspended ceilings, integration of lighting systems such as recessed lights or decorative lighting.
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Update of plumbing and electrical installations when modernizing apartments in Munich

In the process of modernizing apartments in Munich, special attention is paid to updating plumbing and electrical installations. These works aim to increase the efficiency, safety and comfort of living spaces. Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of these updates:

Renewal of outdated plumbing installations:

  • Installation of modern faucets and shower systems: Modern faucets and shower systems offer increased efficiency and allow for better control over water flow and temperature.
  • Installation of water-saving toilets: Modern toilet models with dual flush systems help to significantly reduce water consumption.
  • Improving the hot water system: installing efficient water heaters or central heating systems with water heating function.
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Updating the electrical installation:

  • Replacing Obsolete Electrical Wiring: Old wiring can pose a risk in the form of short circuits or fires. Replacing them with modern materials increases the safety and reliability of the electrical system.
  • Installation of Modern Sockets and Switches: New models of sockets and switches provide better security and ease of use and support modern electronic devices.
  • Integration of intelligent lighting systems: Installing LED lights and intelligent lighting systems helps save energy and creates a comfortable atmosphere in the house.