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Planning and installation of the PV system

Betsa GmbH is your right partner for the installation of photovoltaic systems. We guarantee that this investment will be worthwhile for you and that implementation will involve as little effort as possible. At attractive prices, you receive high-quality PV products that are characterized by high yields and a long service life. This means you can optimally benefit from attractive advantages.

Our goal is to offer you a photovoltaic system that fully meets your needs. As part of our advice, we carry out a detailed calculation of your project so that you get a good overview of the possible savings and can make sure that the investment in a PV system is worth it for you.
You also benefit from our all-round, worry-free package: We take on all tasks relating to the installation of a PV system, from planning to installation. We also take care of the network connection and all legal reporting obligations.
Installation of the PV systems: Strong performance for the sustainable house - rely on Betsa GmbH as a reliable partner who will make your living wishes come true!

We offer you the following services

Advice on all aspects of the PV system

Tax advice, registrations, thermal image analysis, maintenance, remote monitoring


3D visualization, assembly planning, simulation, energy analysis, economic analysis


Installation of the PV modules and AC/DC electrical wiring connection

Our benefits

  • Short-term delivery and installation of the systems
  • Several years of experience in installing solar systems
  • High-quality product selection
  • Fixed price guarantee
  • Simple, fast and bureaucracy-free
  • Competent advice
  • Cost calculation in 30 seconds


Photovoltaic system functional principle

One of the most widespread renewable energies is solar energy, which is generated by photovoltaic systems. Large-area solar cells made of silicon convert the energy contained in solar radiation into electricity. As soon as the sun’s rays hit the silicon of the solar cell, energy is released in the form of direct current through the so-called photovoltaic process. For domestic use, this is converted into alternating current using a connected inverter. Photovoltaics relies on the ability of certain materials to convert light directly into electricity. Although the basic physical principle has been known for a long time, the technical development of solar cells is far from complete and further improvements can be expected in the future.
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Photovoltaic cost calculator

If you would like to use solar energy, please leave us your details in the PV calculator and we will contact you immediately.

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Would you like to find out more detailed information about the installation of the PV system or do you already have detailed ideas about the services required? Discuss your concerns with our specialists from Munich!