Residential buildings

New construction, reconstruction, modernization, and renovation of residential buildings

Our goal is to provide our customers with living in the most comfortable and unique way. That’s why we guide you in transforming your home into a place to feel comfortable, bring family together and invite friends.

Quality of living, customer satisfaction and sustainability are our top priorities. Our architects and engineers take into account the diverse wishes of the customer in the complex planning, which are then professionally translated into reality.

In this regard, our scope of activities in the apartment, house and building complex includes:

  • Renovation and modernization
  • Core renovation
  • Turnkey new construction
  • Installation of standardized prefabricated building elements
  • Replacement of eligible building elements (roof, windows, doors, facade insulation)
A sure hand is always at your side and accompanies you from your ideas to reality. Do not hesitate towards your dream, but take a step towards it. Contact us.