Residential buildings

Value retention and higher quality of living for your properties

Reconstruction, modernization, and renovation of residential buildings

Living space is a coveted commodity in Munich – anyone who calls a house their own here can consider themselves lucky. In order to maintain or even increase the value of your property, it makes sense to renovate the house if necessary. In Munich and the surrounding area, Betsa GmbH is your reliable partner for this: from the repair of the building fabric to the energetic renovation and renewal of the building services to the aesthetic renovation and modernization of your property, as a general construction company we offer you all services for house and apartment renovation from a single source – contact us for an initial, non-binding consultation.

House renovation in Munich: Protect the value of your property and benefit from improved living quality – Betsa GmbH is your reliable partner!

Strong services for all residential buildings

Refurbishment, modernization, renovation – these terms are often used synonymously, but there are differences: House refurbishment in Munich is about maintaining or renewing the building fabric, modernization brings the equipment, e.g. the building services in Munich, up to the state of the art, and renovations are measures to beautify the property. For Betsa GmbH, your personal wishes and requirements take center stage – as a strong general construction company, we offer you all services related to your residential building.

Modernization: A high cost factor in real estate is usually the coverage of the energy demand. Here, modernization of the heating system can make sense: With a modern heating system, you not only save valuable resources, but above all your wallet in the long term – we advise you comprehensively on all options and funding possibilities. We also undertake the renewal of the electrical system and piping, which makes sense in old buildings in Munich after about 30-40 years, as part of the house renovation.

House renovation in Munich

Caring for your property and carrying out home renovations in Munich are key factors in maintaining and even potentially increasing the value of your property. A house renovation in Munich not only increases its market value, but also protects against future costly interventions and serious structural damage. If you are thinking about renovating your home in Munich, it is an investment in the future that preserves value and improves the quality of life.

Needs-based renovation: Our well-founded approach guarantees success

Renovating living spaces in Munich and the surrounding areas is a task that requires careful planning and high-quality execution. In this matter, the experience and professionalism of the craftsmen plays a key role to guarantee the successful completion of renovation or extension work.

Renovation: To make your property shine again, we carry out all the necessary renovation work for you. This includes interior finishing (e.g. painting and varnishing work, renewal of flooring, etc.) as well as the renovation and conversion of individual rooms. For example, a barrier-free conversion of the bathroom can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also represents a sensible investment in the future – we will be happy to advise you on your options.

House renovation: Mold contamination or moisture damage are common reasons for house renovation in Munich – we ensure that this damage is repaired. In addition, we take measures to renovate other eligible elements that are necessary for the building. These include modern facade insulation, the replacement of windows and doors, and the renovation of roofing. We are also your competent contact for the implementation of fire protection regulations.

In Munich you often come across buildings that have not received adequate attention for many years. This problem manifests itself not only in an outdated external appearance, but also in insufficient energy efficiency, as well as outdated interior design and equipment. The urgent need for modernization and renewal arises, and this is not just about aesthetics or comfort of life.

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House renovation in Munich with Betsa GmbH

At Betsa GmbH we offer our experience, our know-how and individual solutions for all questions about modernizing your property. We take a transparent approach and strive to renew your home tailored to your specific needs.