Apartments renovation


Reconstruction, Modernization and Renovation

One’s own home is a place of retreat, a private living space and an expression of one’s own personality – and as a residential property, it is also an important capital investment. Therefore, it is important that the property is not only optimally adapted to individual requirements, but also well maintained and modernized if necessary.

With Betsa GmbH, you receive all services for residential renovation in Munich and the surrounding area from a single source: We ensure that your apartment becomes the comfortable and modern dream home that you imagine – contact us for individual advice!

Apartment renovation can be necessary and sensible for various reasons: Whether it is after a change of tenants, to restore the apartment to its original condition, to eliminate acute damage (e.g. fire, water damage, mold), to maintain or preventively improve the building fabric, or also as an adaptation to changed living conditions and to increase comfort.

The transitions between refurbishment, modernization and renovation are often fluid – with our one-stop residential refurbishment service, we offer you all the services you need in Munich and the surrounding area to design your home according to your individual ideas.

Housing refurbishment from a single source: Strong performance for the refurbishment of your home - count on Betsa GmbH as a reliable partner who makes your housing wishes come true!