How often should you renovate a rented apartment?

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How often should you renovate a rented apartment?

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The topic of renovating rental apartments can cause unrest, especially if the rental agreement contains unclear or invalid clauses on this topic. In order to avoid conflicts with the landlord, you should carefully check the rental agreement with regard to renovation clauses. A specialist lawyer can help if you are unsure. In principle, every tenant can give their apartment a new look as they wish, as long as it serves to preserve it. However, there are certain renovation obligations when moving out. The next pieces of advice may help assess the situation.

The constant point: minor maintenance work

Minor maintenance work refers to activities that contribute to the preservation of the apartment. These include, for example, painting interior doors, recoloring walls and ceilings or sealing drill holes. As a rule, this involves work that the tenant can carry out himself. The rental agreement regulates how often this work must be carried out. But this clause can be problematic, especially if it is too firm.

“The tenant must carry out minor maintenance work at the latest / at least / always …” – If such or similar rigid wording is included in the rental agreement, the clause is invalid. Deadlines that are too tight or a color selection specified by the landlord are also not permitted. The landlord can only request neutral colors.

A more flexible clause regarding minor maintenance work, however, is binding. It is expressed by phrases such as “if necessary”, “if required” or “usually” displayed. In general, the kitchen, bathroom and shower should be repainted every 3-5 years. Living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms should be renovated every 5-8 years, as needed, and side rooms every 7-10 years.

What should you consider when moving?

When the rental agreement ends, many people think that the apartment has to be returned by the tenant and renovated. But that’s not always the case. One thing is certain: if rooms or walls are designed in bold colors, they should be in neutral white. be deleted. If necessary improvement measures specified in the contract were not carried out during the rental period, these must be carried out when you move out. If you have moved into a newly renovated apartment or if the apartment appeared to have been recently renovated when you moved in, it should be returned in this condition.

In addition, if the apartment was not in a renovated condition when moving in, the tenant does not have to renovate it when he moves out. If the rental agreement has a clause for minor repairs and minor damage occurs during the rental period or when moving out, the tenant will bear the costs within the contractually agreed limits. These repairs include, for example, replacing a faucet, changing broken light switches or replacing old roller shutter ropes.

Prevent unpleasant situations

It’s best to check the rental agreement when you move in for possible pitfalls regarding renovation obligations. If clear instructions are missing from the contract, they can be discussed with the landlord and added by hand. The aim is to ensure security for everyone involved and to avoid undesirable scenarios at the end of the rental agreement.