House renovation in Icking, 270 m²

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House renovation


December 2020 – July 2021


ca. 270 m²


Core renovation with modernization and renovation of the house

1. Inventory
The property is a 390 m2 single-family house in southern Germany, which due to its age no longer met the current energy requirements and also had major visual defects. In addition to the visual and energetic restoration, a strong focus should be placed on the design in order to make the residential building particularly attractive and comfortable.

2. Problem definition
The aim of the refurbishment work was to restore the residential building in a contemporary way with regard to both aspects. In the course of planning and creating a schedule, an individual approach was chosen so that the needs of the customer could be optimally incorporated. The design was particularly challenging here, in order to meet the requirements for a unique design.

3. Implementation
The work was completed successfully and according to the agreed schedule. During the construction period, special works were carried out to completely renovate, modernize and refurbish the house. Thanks to the professional services of our specialists and the individual focus on the customer, the interior design could be adapted to the characteristic style of our client.