Have a professional carry out the complete renovation of your apartment or house

Are you looking for a trustworthy and experienced partner for a core renovation of your apartment or house? Maybe you are also planning to renovate an old building?
In all of these cases, we at Betsa are the right service provider. We work professionally, goal-oriented and conscientiously. We attach great importance to offering every customer the best possible service. We would like to support you in creating a cozy and comfortable home. Sometimes this is no longer possible without a complete renovation of the house or apartment. It sets the basis for further renovation measures, which you can of course also place in our hands. Our competent team of architects and planners will support you in making your individual dream home come true.

When a core renovation is necessary

A core renovation is required for older or long-vacant houses with structural defects. How expensive and extensive it will always depend on various factors. Depending on the decade or century in which the house was built, it can have a variety of defects. In older buildings, for example, moisture is often a major problem. But we are real experts in this area and can assess the situation well. We would be happy to undertake the core renovation of your apartment or house for you and carry out all the necessary tasks. As a rule, during a core renovation, the building is dismantled down to the supporting structures. Everything else can be renewed as part of this. This also applies to building technology, for example. Of course, you can’t just turn to us for a core renovation of your house. We are also your reliable partner when it comes to partial renovations. Together with you, we will surely find the optimal solution for your individual case.

Why renovating old buildings is worthwhile

Old buildings exude their own charm and tell the stories of times long past. With their cracking floorboards, high ceilings and beautiful stucco decorations, they offer a special living experience. However, this only applies if the old building is in excellent condition. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile to buy an old building and have it completely renovated. It’s best to plan the costs of renovating an old building when you buy it so that you don’t overstretch your budget. Even if it means a little more effort, it can definitely be worth having a renovation carried out in an old building. Many people dream of living in one of the old buildings and are therefore prepared to pay rent for it. In addition, many old buildings are in attractive locations. You can significantly increase the value of the building through a core renovation of the house and in most cases be sure that you can then sell or rent it out profitably. But renovation is also worthwhile if you want to fulfill your dream of living in an old building.

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