Checklist for renovating your apartment: This is how you can best prepare yourself

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Checklist for renovating your apartment: This is how you can best prepare yourself

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Are you planning an interior renovation before moving to a new home? Or do you want to increase the market value of your home? To ensure that everything is implemented smoothly from planning to completion, it is important to carefully develop your plan.

Use this action plan.

Secrets of a successful apartment renovation: 7 steps

1. Who is allowed to renovate?

When preparing for a renovation, legal aspects must be taken into account.

Tenant: The rental agreement specifies which changes are permitted. You should return everything to its original condition before the rental agreement ends. Major changes, such as a renovation, require the owner’s consent. If you decide to replace the doors, save the old doors to use again if necessary.

Owners of apartments: Conversion of load-bearing structures and important facilities often requires the consent of the property management company. However, no permit is required to install cables. Entrust the work to Betsa GmbH Munich.

Homeowners: If you are planning an addition or would like to use your property for commercial purposes, contact your local building authority. You may need a building permit.

2. What can you do yourself?

Electrical and engineering work should be left to a professional. If mistakes are made and standards are not met, problems with insurance may arise. Be proactive and seek out an expert!

3. Plan the renovation in advance.

Create a work plan that includes all tasks. This will help you determine which tasks you can take on yourself and which you can delegate to a tradesman. This makes it easier to obtain offers from service providers.

Don’t forget to make a materials list for your tasks – this will help you control costs. Plan your schedule well in advance. Weekends are not a good choice: hardware stores might be closed and neighbors might be unhappy. And a final tip: if you are considering energy efficiency work, check the possibility of government subsidies.

4. Examine the offer variants

Contact various construction and renovation companies. Start with feedback and opinions from family and friends and also research online reviews of companies in the Munich area. A good quote will include the price including taxes, completion time details, delivery details and an accurate breakdown of labor hours and material costs. This will help you later when filling out the tax return.

5. Create an order

Quality companies in the Munich area are quickly booked up. Formulate your request in good time. Always agree in writing and ensure the following information is included:

  • Total costs including taxes.
  • Detailed costs for labor and materials.
  • List of planned work.
  • Information on deadlines and execution details.
  • Payment details.

Conditions for compensation for possible delays.

6. Call friends for help

Work that you want to do yourself is easier when you have friends with you. Discuss your plans with them in advance. It is best to purchase the necessary building materials together. If you need tools or equipment, talk to your friends about it. Also think about a container for construction waste.

7. Prepare the apartment for renovation

Areas where work will be carried out should be prepared. Clean everything up and tape up holes and cracks to minimize the spread of dust. Make sure electricity is available during work. Inform your neighbors of upcoming noise events and keep photos before and after work begins.

After considering all the steps above, you need to find a reliable company that meets your needs. Don’t hesitate to send an inquiry to Betsa GmbH Munich today!